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Story tim with Swaye....



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    UW_Doog_BotUW_Doog_Bot Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 14,818 Swaye's Wigwam

    If said schools could wean themselves of the government tit, they could do whatever they want. When you ask for handouts, you comply with the hand that feeds you.

    Does the include taxing Harvard’s endowment?
    Just as soon as you tax church income, with particular focus on those large "organizations" of love most commonly found in the US souwf. Then we'll talk.

    At least Harvard does something useful 3 times out of 10.
    Not replying for a "take this shit to the tug conversation" in the middle of Swaye's celebration thread, but it's pretty ignorant to say churches don't contribute anything useful to the world. That's all.
    Mussolini made the trains run on time POTD.
    If you faggots ruin a classics thread with this shit you will be scalped by the man himself. This is coming from a tugtard.
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