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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Josh Conerly, 2022 5* OL, Seattle (Rainier Beach), WA (Offered)



  • theknowledgetheknowledge Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 3,284
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    Rapp was the best true freshman DB. It helped that he played in a loaded secondary. McDuffie was good. Budda was good after the first couple games. He was terrible against Hawaii and Eastern to start the year. He had some good games, but it was up and down. Jones was inconsistent as a freshman. We hate Jimmy now, but he's a much better DB coach than the guys we have now.

    It's not impossible for Presley to come in and be good, but it's highly unlikely. I don't think he is as good the guys mentioned and the DB coaching is suspect.

    I don't know about that. Didn't it take Rapp a few of games to work into the starting lineup? McDuffie came in day one as a guy you could put on an island and take half the field away. The trait these two had in common was that they did NOT miss tackles. Period. I think McDuffie was in his last year before I saw the first miss. Both amazing in run support and sure tacklers on the back end. Rapp had elite quickness, McDuffie was a burner and also quick. It's no surprise that those are two who hit the ground running.
    It did take Rapp a few games to become a starter. However, he was good right away and had the best freshman season of any of the DB’s. McDuffie earned a starting role after Kyler Gordon had a rough game against Cal. You are spot on saying Rapp and McDuffie were both outstanding tacklers.

    It sucks that McDuffie and Gordon played for shitty Husky teams. 2019 was a huge disappointment, the Covid year doesn’t count, and last year was obviously horseshit.

    Budda and Cam Williams were the only true freshmen to start game one. Trufant did as well, but that secondary was probably worse than the one we have now. Cam Williams has been disappointing and he’s as good as gone.

    We have had some incredible DB’s. Jimmy and Will Harris recruited like shit and rested on their laurels once Pete was gone.
    It's a damn shame McDuffie and Gordon aren't on this year's team. Not even just from the standpoint of how much the team needs them, but it would have been a great experience for them instead of three years of disappointment.

    Even Radley-Hiles would have been a really nice player on this team.
    Oh man, Bookie playing Husky would have been pretty great for this team.
  • backthepackbackthepack Member Posts: 18,313
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    HFNY said:

    haie said:

    Wdw that fatty anymore.

    But we(?) do still want Caleb Pressley right and what are the chances of flipping him now.
    If he takes money and hype then shame on him
    Or we could act like a real program and financially play the game. Hype is stupid.

    Kids getting cash is what it is. They are not amateurs any more even though our athletic dept likes to pretend they are.
    Why get in a bidding war for a kid who hasn’t played a down of college football? Besides he will likely be replaced by a transfer in two years because of their poor history on bad development
    because then you end up starting jaivion green and jordan perryman at outside corner
    Thinking Caleb Presley is going to come in, start, and actually be good as a freshman is pretty dumb to me. I want him and our secondary sucks, but he’s not some can’t miss, bonafied stud.
    I don't think he will, that wasn't my sentiment if we already have Presley's in the program from 19/20/21 etc. we arent in this mess. Of course we are going to address it in the portal.
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