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Josh Conerly, 2022 5* OL, Seattle (Rainier Beach), WA (Offered)



  • NorwegianHuskyNorwegianHusky Member Posts: 3,249
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    He's really good
  • KrunkJuiceKrunkJuice Member Posts: 1,844
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    Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach 2022 offensive lineman Josh Conerly was the most impressive sophomore lineman we saw in person in the Northwest this fall on either side of the ball.

    Conerly starred at both offensive tackle and on the defensive line for the Vikings, and had one of his best games against Gilbert (Ariz.) Higley, when he matched up with four-star defensive end Jason Harris.

    Since then, Conerly has picked up four offers, his most recent offer coming from Oregon State, joining offers from Tennessee, Nevada and Oregon.

    "I have four offers and the one that stands out the most was my first from Tennessee which was really unexpected," said Conerly.

    Hometown Washington has been in communication with Conerly lately too.

    "Washington has been in contact with my coaches but besides that only the ones that have offered me are the ones I’ve been talking to," said Conerly.

    UCLA also stopped by in September to check in on Conerly and several more will likely be dropping by in December and January, even before the spring evaluation period.

    Conerly has been to a handful of college games this fall.

    "I've been to Oregon, Oregon State and Washington. I’ve been to Washington for the Oregon, Eastern Washington and USC games in Seattle, I went to Oregon vs. Cal in Eugene and then this weekend, I was at Oregon state vs. Arizona State in Corvallis," said Conerly. "Every game has been really exciting and entertaining to watch. All of the atmospheres were amazing. Every visit has been different in its own ways but they were all great to witness and it really gives you the college game day feels."

    Conerly said that the trip to Oregon State was a good one for him.

    "The visit was great,"said Conerly. "I got to meet the coaches and the game was good too. What stood out to me was how as soon as I walked in, everybody came to greet me as if I was a player."

    Next on the schedule for Conerly are a couple of rivalry games.

    "I’ll be at the Apple Cup for sure and I also want to make it down for the Civil War game," said Conerly.

    Conerly said he's been building good relationships with a number of coaches.

    "I have a pretty good relationship with Coach Angus (McClure) from Nevada, Coach Mario (Cristobal) and Coach Alex (Mirabel) from Oregon and then during this weekend's visit, I started a great relationship with Coach Jim (Michalzik) from Oregon State," said Conerly.

    Conerly wrapped up his sophomore season and earned First Team All-Metro League honors as both an offensive lineman and as a defensive lineman.

    He plans to be a part of the FSP Trench Squad in the offseason and will camp with a number of schools in the spring
  • FKA_MousecopFKA_Mousecop Member Posts: 2,054
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    Huff might not have to leave the State for 2022.
  • KrunkJuiceKrunkJuice Member Posts: 1,844
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    Huff might not have to leave the State for 2022.

    Yeah. No airplanes for Huff.
  • BleachedAnusDawgBleachedAnusDawg Member Posts: 7,531
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    My sources are telling me that he's ITB for UW.
  • PostGameOrangeSlicesPostGameOrangeSlices Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 19,774
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    2026 will be special
  • FKA_MousecopFKA_Mousecop Member Posts: 2,054
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    so just get the 4 in state guys and call it a day for huff in 2022
  • OreDawgOreDawg Member Posts: 325
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    Nice that he capitalized extremely for the UW offer, without that how could we possibly know what our chances are in recruiting against the cougs.
  • TommySQCTommySQC Member Posts: 5,813
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    dnc said:

    "Coach (Scott) Huff invited me, so I came down for the day and he said when they offer a kid, you have to be a great player and a great student and a great person and I checked off all of the boxes for them, so they wanted to offer me," an excited Conerly told shortly after returning home from his visit to campus. "It's like a dream come true for me and my family. They're all big Husky fans, it's the hometown school, I have some guys there I know, it's an honor to get an offer from them."

    Conerly didn't spend all day on campus, leaving at halftime of Washington's basketball game with Oregon at Hec Ed.

    "My mom needed go, so we left at halftime," Conerly said. "The crowd was crazy though and I loved getting the chance to hang out with some of the other guys."

    Washington wasn't the only school to extend Conerly an offer on Saturday either.

    "Cal offered me when I got home," Conerly said with a chuckle. "I had a great conversation with the coaches there and it's a great program, so I am definitely blessed right now."

    The offers from Cal and Washington join the ones the talented sophomore already had from Tennessee, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State and Nevada.

    "Pretty much every school is looking at me as an offensive lineman," the 6'5", 275-pounder said. "I prefer tackle, but I will play wherever a team decides I am needed and that's where they want me to play."

    Conerly finished First Team All-Metro on both the offensive and defensive line, but said offensive line is the side he prefers the most.

    "I love to play offensive line because I started off playing running back, but I grew too much, so now instead of scoring touchdowns, I love to help my guys score touchdowns," Conerly said with a chuckle. "I like to be aggressive and I like being physical. That's what makes playing football fun for me."

    Conerly said that his timeline for making a decision, at least right now, is for him to wait until the summer before his senior season.

    "I'm not really in a rush right now, so I'm just going to wait," Conerly said. "I don't know if I'll definitely wait until the summer before my senior season, but that's the plan right now."

    Conerly plans to head down to Oregon next weekend to meet with the Duck coaching staff

    Left at halftime of the game.

    Hopefully with a Husky Honey
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