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Strange and Wonderful Things Happen at Hardcore Husky

SwayeSwaye Moderator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 41,188 Founders Club
So, for any of you who spend time in @YellowSnow 's den of fun, you will know some cigar hawt talk has been occurring there lately. @UW_Doog_Bot has been on me for ages about starting to smoke cigars. Well, he has my address, because "butt stuff," and so today I get a cryptic sext from him showing shipping status on an item. Okay. Fine. Maybe he sent me lube?

Turns out, package fag arrives, I open it up, and BAM! Big Baller status right out of the box! I had to park a Rolex in it to /flex the new status I have achieved. I actually feel more chest hair growing while typing this. Suck it Tom Selleck!

Wow, my first and very own humidor! I must now find a cigar shop somewhere near civilization to get my puff on.

But wait, there's more! Also in the package was another small gift. One I as took as equal parts genuine thoughtfulness and equal parts typical HHB tomfoolerynonsense. That's one word.

Very nice message inside from the entire Doog_Bot clan as well.

I guess we all fuck around and call each other shitheels a lot, but I think it's pretty kick ass to belong to an online community where you can never have met someone face to face (but have sent dick pics for a couple years), and they will shell out for a baby gift and a kick ass humidor. Meant a lot to me, and I am mostly dead inside. Shout out to @UW_Doog_Bot . Cool stuff man. I appreciate it. I am sure CLS will be delighted at the swaddle? blanket. I was onboard with the swaddle, not so much with the blanket. I promise not to use it as the "clean up towel" after I due my duties this evening with CLS.



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