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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Roger Rosengarten, 2020 4* OL, Littleton (Valor Christian), CO (COMMITTED)



  • dncdnc Member Posts: 52,175
    50000 Comments 10,000 Awesomes 10,000 Up Votes Eighth Anniversary

    Swaye said:

    Awesome get and winning vs Oregon head to head makes it that much better

    Can you fuckers on the recruiting bored finally learn from the PGOS mantra of LIFPO? This class still has the potential to be our best class ever, topping last years.

    You would think the sky was falling based on this place a month ago.

    Im right as always.

    Getting dangerously close to Pumpy PGOS. Worried about you!

    Am I wrong though?
    About having a better class than the last two seasons? Probably. But you're right that the early overreactions were probably overreactions. I guess Smalls and Ringo and Robinson and Flowe and Wilson are still technically out there and haven't signed on the dotted line anywhere else yet, but it would take some MAJOR momentum change with at least a couple from that list to push this class over the line to "best class ever." At least on paper (composite rating).

    The earlier consternation stemmed from hopes being so high in the first place. There are five 5-star players out west this cycle that UW had every advantage with prior to spring. One lives next door, one is from here and trains at FSP, another 7v7s and trains at FSP and seemed to love UW, another had really good things to say about UW and had two former teammates just sign on, and another was all over UW early. Combine UW's excellent ~25% overall closing rate with all of these massive advantages with players at the very pointy end of things, and people here were naturally dooging. Now, it seems a long shot that UW closes even one.

    If you want to argue that those ratings are bullshit and UW's probably going to get yet another class that--in the end--crushes the conference in the NFL draft in four years, I'm right there with you. But a lot of people here really care about those recruiting ratings and the program perception that they imply, so it is what it is and math is math. Gonna take 5-stars to average the higher number of 3-stars projected in the class. 5-stars are all but gone. The natives are restless.
    Good stuff. Wasnt Hatchett originally a 5 star?
    DDY 5 star but never by any of the sites.
  • backthepackbackthepack Member Posts: 16,416
    10,000 Up Votes 10,000 Awesomes 10000 Comments 250 Answers

    I’d suck Huff’s dick If i could

    Holy shit. What did that silverback gorilla do to you!?
    I now just have one big hole
  • chuckchuck Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 5,861
    Swaye's Wigwam 5,000 Awesomes 5,000 Up Votes Eighth Anniversary

    “UW finally has something to cheer about. They sold Rosengarten on the fact hed have to compete and wasnt as good as our back ups lol. i dont want kids who want to be handed the starting spot. Best of luck to Rosengarten as he tries to block Kayvon for 2 years...if he ever starts for the leg lifters that is”

    “Win some, lose some. We won a lot more head to head battles last year than lost. Have fun at UW, I think Oregon will be just fine at OL“

    “No big deal. Hope he gets used to losing to us”

    The quooking is stronger than ever.
  • ToddTurnerLIVESToddTurnerLIVES Member Posts: 438
    250 Answers 500 Awesomes 500 Up Votes Fourth Anniversary
    Given that our DL recruiting looks fucked right now is there any chance this guy moves to defense if we reel in Hatchett and some other guy high on our OL board?
  • GreenRiverGatorzGreenRiverGatorz Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 8,189
    Swaye's Wigwam 10,000 Up Votes 10,000 Awesomes Seventh Anniversary

    Finally got around to watching the Hudl. Had no idea Valor Christian beat Menlo Atherton 27-0 last year in an exhibition game. First clip from that game is Rosengarten pancaking a dude while Danny Hammers cleans house for the tackle!

    Woof woof motherfucker
  • DoogCouricsDoogCourics Member Posts: 5,710
    10,000 Awesomes 5,000 Up Votes 5000 Comments 250 Answers

    Also, every time I see his name it reminds me of all these names:

    Also bump this because for the next 5 years I get to call this kid by a dozen names.
  • LebamDawgLebamDawg Member Posts: 5,673
    Swaye's Wigwam 5,000 Awesomes 2,500 Up Votes 5000 Comments
    boing - time to fix my sweats
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