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My thoughts on horse dewormer

RaceBannonRaceBannon Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 74,306
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I followed the Ivermectin deal from afar since most of what is out there since last winter is bullshit. One needs to be careful to take the time to ponder these deep issues. I was back on the road yesterday and heard something interesting about Africa. They have the least cases and deaths in the world. Doing far better than OUR America. Why?

White saviors like Melinda Gates said Africans were not only too poor to have ID they wouldn't get the vaccine because racism and the continent would be in big trouble.

And yet it isn't

It turns out that in areas of malaria anti virals like Ivermectin are quite common really. Most Africans keep a bottle in their desk drawer.

So we have an area with the least vaccines and most Ivermectin doing the best. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

Shouldn't the Biden Plan take a look?

While Trump was inventing the vaccine he was also saying we need to look at other things like you know, Ivermectin. AND INJECTING BLEACH!!!!!!!!

That sounds like a plan. Too bad

Big pharma gives Joe and the DC establishment their cut. Haven't heard much from Bitch McConnell.

That's my thoughts. You're welcome



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