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In honor of PLSS...



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    True story. I was in Aruba with my girl,
    Who later became my ex wife. A fight ensued so I went looking for blow and a fuck. Strange place to find marching powder, but I saw a dude who looked very local, of all places a video store. Hooked me up with a baggy and a dark skinned native. I wouldnt sleep around on my girlfriend so I just finger fucked her asshole, while she dropped to her knees to gargle my cheese.

    No shit, I smelled my digit and it was clean. Strangest thing. I expected an Aruba Aroma...nothing. I slept in the rental car on the beach, woke up all sandy and hung the next morn. Went back to the Marriot and made up with the lady . Pup pulled off a dandy and girlfriend deserved it later on..

    good lord
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