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Hardcore Husky Podcast: 10th Anniversary Special feat. Swaye and CFetters_Nacho_Lover

DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Administrator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 57,688
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edited November 2022 in Classics
November 26th marks the 10th anniversary of Hardcore Husky! Derek, Swaye and CFetters_Nacho_Lover got together to reminisce and shoot the shit. The episode concludes with a piano rendition of Silent Night while a refined Aussie scholar reads five classic rants from Puppylove_Sugarsteel. Enjoy!

Note: Originally the podcast was going to include an opening where I outlined the history of how Hardcore Husky came together, endured through some struggles and flourished. I wrote out six pages of notes. But when I went to read it, the whole thing just didn't feel like it would tie in well with what we already recorded. So I ditched it.

There are many people to thank and I'm aware that some folks won't be mentioned who should have been mentioned.

But I'll just say.. special thanks to the OGs who helped launch Hardcore Husky with either financial support or feedback... @CFetters_Nacho_Lover, @vadawg, @CheersWestDawg, @Swaye, @RaceBannon, @iDawg, @MikeDamone, @pawz, @section8, @TheKobeStopper and @volcanodawg. (If I'm forgetting anyone, forgive me)

A big thank you to those who came along at various points soon after and gave generous support and/or made important contributions: @PurpleBaze, @YellowSnow, @Baseman, @Doogles, @RoadDawg55, @DoogCourics, @Neighbor2972, @GrundleStiltzkin, @LebamDawg, @Mad_Son, @UW_Doog_Bot, @JoeEDangerously and @WoolleyDoog.

Anyone in the current day who has a shitty little purple or orange badge next to your avatar, thank you very much for helping keep our pirate ship afloat!

Here's a list of those who got shout outs during the show:

@Dennis_DeYoung, @puppylove_sugarsteel, @PurpleJ, @coronabruin, @Doog_de_Jour, @CokeGreaterThanPepsi, @sven, @trublue, @YellowSnow, @Doogles, @Tequilla, @PurpleBaze, @BallSacked , @collegedoog, @DeLarry (RIP), @GrundleStiltzkin, @huskyhooligan, @DoogCourics, @Alexis, @jecornel, @HeretoBeatmyChest, @AIRWOLF, @beelzebub, @Hondo, @SECDAWG, @TommySQC, @oregonblitzkrieg, @OwenTooelve, @theknowledge and @MontlakeBridgeTroll.

Those not mentioned but should have been: @Dnc, @bananasnblondes, @89ute, @backthepack, @HuskyJW, @CuntWaffle, @whatshouldicareabout, @rodmansrage, @DoogieMcDoogerson, @haie, @chuck, @thechatch, @TheHB, @PurpleThrobber, @Goduckies and dozens more great posters.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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