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Here's what I think I think about the Boofaloes

So, @AZDuck's kid must have given me the crud. I feel sort of like I'm dying. Might be AIDS. Who knows.

Fell asleep on the couch in the first quarter due to ODing on percocet and Nyquil. Woke up at 4:30 AM with a strange boner and a snotted up head. Watched the game on DVR.

OL gets a gold star. Busting open seams and holes all game, and gave Cobra all kinds of time. They physically imposed their will by the 4th quarter, which is what you always want to see. Even Sosebee's fat ass was mauling people.

Cobra is back to Cobra and gets a gold star. That pass to Pounds was on a rope and he just controlled the game all night. Don't let the noodle and shitted up socks come back out and I might stop wanting to scalp you.

Gaskin is the motherfucking man and now he has a gold star. That shifty little fast fucker had them on their heels all night. If we have ever had as patient of a runner who then explodes when a crease opens I've never seen him.

B team WR's get a gold star. Pounds? Fuck yeah. I feel like we don't have anyone electric behind Pettis, but between Fuller, McCluchins, Pounds and Lenius, the group has become very serviceable and reliable.

GOLD STAR FOR THE ENTIRE DEFENSE. Goddamn we got some big dick swinging pulling a nickle in San Quentin looking motherfuckers out there. The young guys in the secondary are looking dynamite to me. Gaines and Vea are fucking nails.

Game Ball - Ryan "Haha Fuck You Swaye" Bowman. Wished for permanent injury for you last week, and you show up big this week. I love being wrong about roided out white try hards.

Going back to bed now. The crud is killing me. Hopefully I will dream of the beach.



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