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Travels With Mabel

LebamDawgLebamDawg Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 8,573
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Swaye's Wigwam
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Getting things in order to start a slow trek to Texas in the next few weeks. One major thing we did was haul our portable home around on some smaller 2 lane roads and realized how beat to shit the roads really are.
MrsIamNotinLebamdawg and I made a decision to get rid of our fancy bad ass truck and get a more stabilizing vehicle -

We exchanged the Badass Black Beast and got an F-350 dually. Jesus those things are big and wide. We had been looking for almost 3 weeks and were driving towards Mt. Vernon when my bro-in-law saw a dually right by where we are staying in Anacortes. The truck is a 2020 with only 105 miles on it - came via a going out of business sale in BC. Guy up there wholesaled his entire lot of Fords due to poor sales because of covid.

This place has spoiled me as we have had full hook up service at 30 amps for $10 a night. First place I am headed to will be $52 a night.


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