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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Declare your allegiance SECDawg Memorial Shit Pole

Doog_de_JourDoog_de_Jour Posts: 4,864
Swaye's Wigwam 10,000 Awesomes 5,000 Up Votes 2500 Comments
edited August 11 in Hardcore Husky Board
We all know the BIG 10 and the PAC 12 are going to bow out of the 2020 season like a bunch of PUSSIES and put us all out of our collective miseries, but I bet the SEC will still play. (I don’t give a shit about the Big 12 - FTGs!) I invite you to pull a Derek and adopt an SEC team. So who.gif are ya gonna root for, buddy?

Declare your allegiance SECDawg Memorial Shit Pole 54 votes

Florida Gators (have they done anything since Urban and Tim Tebow left?)
RoadDawg55DooglesWilliams3RDRFecalFeast 5 votes
Georgia Bulldogs, you know, the other DWAGS!
SwayeAtomicDawgalumni94EsophagealFecesPitchfork51NEsnake12Edwin_BambinoBeno4Life 8 votes
Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College Alligators (you just really want to root for the Longhorns - admit it!)
rodmansragedirtysouwfdawg 2 votes
Ole Miss Star Wars Rebels (their new mascot? Tony the Landshark. No, I did not make that up.)
whlinderdOgmasterdncPriceToBamaBread 5 votes
South Carolina Gamecocks (who doesn’t love COCK?)
Bad_MotherDuckerDoog_de_JourNoWarningJustDawg 3 votes
Derek Johnson Volunteers (Greg Schiano will have those guys READY TO PLAY!)
DerekJohnsonFire_Marshall_BillMad_SonGreenRiverGatorzMiley_Cyrus 5 votes
WE WANT BAMA! Crimson Sabans (Roll Sark!)
greenbloodSpoonieLuvFireCohenJoeEDangerouslyPawgDawg 5 votes
Misssssiiiisssssiiipppi State Cougars (swing your sword you banana eating pirate!)
Houhuskyvadawgbiak1FremontTrollLebamDawgSourcesBleachedAnusDawg1to392831weretakenEmotermanCanadawgLB_33 11 votes
Auburn War Eagles (Because you don’t know what to do with all that hoarded toilet paper...wait, Toomer’s Corner!)
PurpleThrobberGrundleStiltzkinIPukeOregonGrellow 3 votes
Coach O’s “Glad that USC thing never worked out” LSU Tigers
RaceBannonGladstoneTequillaIce_HolmvikLesGrossmanUW_Doog_BotEjm 7 votes


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