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Hey Faggots

I am doing a "Tour of America No Real Plan Just Go" vacation starting tomorrow before first light. I do have some items to hit on the agenda - two days of a Jeep Jamboree, Harley Davidson Museum, stay with a buddy in Idaho who has several full auto NFA guns and go on a massive shoot, maybe hit Vegas on the way home, Northern Dreams Strip Club in Casper, WY, etc. Might even go all the way to Gorst to fish with Pumpy and flirt with FRANNY. Who the fuck knows really. I just go where the wind and booze takes me. I will be gone about two weeks or so. I'll check in here and there, so no porn while I'm gone, and no hitting on @dnc either. I'll burn your shit down.

p.s. If you want me to stop by and meet you on my cross country mescaline and cocaine infused Jeep wheeling-machine gun shooting-big tits motorboating extravaganza, just drop me a line. I'll tell you to fuck off.


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