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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

PM from a poster who has left HH

Per his request, I just deleted his account. I am not posting his message here with the intention of starting a thread filled with ridicule. Nor am I trying to imply that we as a community need to change (not at all). But I'm posting it just to illustrate another point of view of our site. Since it's anonymous and he's no longer part of the community, I don't feel like I'm betraying his privacy by posting the message here.

Things had been going well, but as of late, I've been getting shut down for just about anything I post – as if anything I post doesn't deserve any attention (only ridicule). It seems to always turn into mudslinging. I try to be cool about it and play along, but it's gotten to the point where I feel like I serve zero purpose here. I've had thick skin for a while, but unfortunately, I've reached the tipping point.

Roasting entails humor or cleverness, but it has nothing to do with "go kill yourself", "loser", "buttfuckee", etc.. I tried to contribute and play along with the responses. I can't do it anymore. If you would be please kind enough to deactivate my account, that would be much appreciated. Overall, you've done a good job here. It's good to be able to talk sports when our wives won't allow it. Keep it up. This just isn't the place for me, and I hope you respect my request.


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