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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. If you dare criticize Jimmy Lake, you won't last long.

2019, 2020 and 2021 In-State (with all hudls)

So, this year is a comparatively weak year in-state, but the next two years following are insanely good.

Right now, we have two offers out in-state for 2019 and both kids are committed (Morris and Kalepo).

There are probably 5-10 guys on our radar who I could see 3-4 getting offers anywhere from now until December:

TE Quentin Moore (Inglemoor wherever the fuck that is): raw, but projected down the line looks like he could be good.
OL Aric Davison (Richland HS): Too small, but plays well.
OL Bailey Elder (Tacoma-Stadium): doesn't seem like we are recruiting him, but that could change once he picks up 3-4 P12 offers (which he will).
OL Cole Thomas (Seattle-Blanchet): I never count out guys who are huge. We could offer him in December if for some reason he has a great senior season and we are desperate.
OLB Justus Legg (Auburn-Riverside): Junior film was wack.
BUCK Orin Patu (Seattle-RB): I really like this kid, but he's going to have to put on 40+ pounds.
OLB AJ Vonphachanh (Chiawana): I like him, but I think he's like a true 3* kid.
LB/BUCK Alphonzo Tuputala (Fed Way HS): I really like this kid and think we will offer. Dude has good, quick feet and hits like a truck.
LB Jaymason Willingham (Steilacoom): Needs to learn how to play football, but he's gifted.
ATH Darien Chase (Vancouver-Union): The problem is, where do you put him? We aren't going to take him over any big time DB or WR. I like him, though.
ATH Dontae McMillan (Seattle-Sealth): Oregon offered him in their 'we are offering everyone' phase. I don't see us offering, but you never know.

I think the most likely guys we offer here are (in order): Patu, Elder, Moore (Chase and Tuputala used to be here, but because I only point out the times I'm right I want to point out that Eklund said we didn't offer Tuputala the day we did and I said we'd offer him a year before we did)

Shit REALLY picks up next year, though. Holy Christ. There are TEN guys who I think are going to be recruited by big time schools. There will be more that will pop out this year, too.

RB Sam Adams (EC): 3* Athletically gifted, not sure what position he plays, though.
RB Avery Morrow (Garfy): 3* Could end up as a 4, definitely a good athlete.
WR Gee Scott Jr. (EC): 4* Okay, whatever about his dad, but this kid is fantastic.
WR Ja'Lique Martin (Bellingham-Squalor): 3* Not sure how big time he will be, but he's pretty good.
TE D'Andre Rogers (EC): 4* Man. Among. Boys.
OL Geirean "Hi Bill" Hatchett (Lockerland): 5*
DT Jernias Tafia (EC): Don't totally know where to rate him because he's a Baby Huey. If he's really 6-4+ he will be a 4*.
OLB Sav'ell Smalls (Fucking Garfield, we are cursed): 5* One of the best players in the cuntry.
LB Carson Bruener (Redmond HS): 4* fantastic player.
DB Ayden Hector (EC): 4* Amazing cover skills.
DB Javon Forward (Auburn-Riverside): 3* At this point he's 6-2, 200 and moves really quickly. That bodes well.

Then in 2021 we are getting into the territory where we could take the majority of our class from in-state. It's an insane class. Not that many names right now because they were just frosh, but there's a lot here.

QB Sam Huard (What kind of parent lets their son go to school in Burien?): 5*
WR Junior Alexander (Burien Privates High): 4*
WR Emeka Egbuka (Still I come! - Jesus): 4*
WR Jabez Tinae (Dead Kennedys): 3* I knocked him down a star for saying UW is his favorite school.
OL Owen Prentice (Coker Gays HS): 4*
DL Antwan Brown (Garf): 3*
OLB JT Tuimoloau (EC): 5*
LB Caden Jumper (Eatonville): 3*
LB/DB Will Latu (Methel): 4*
LB/DB Julien Simon (Lincoln): 4*


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