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Zach Charbonnet, 4* 2019 RB, Westlake Village (Oaks Christian), CA (Offered)

The personal favorite of our own @BallzDeep - HE'S A BIG BACK!! WOOO!! I generally like him except for everyone that's ever come from OC is soft as shit.

Although, Kayvon is from there, so we shall see how that plays out in the future.

Personally, I love him. Light on his feet, really good quick-twitch change of direction, good power, runs with good lean.

However, a mixed kid from Oaks Christian, with a white guy first name and a french last name... why us, man? Why us?

I much prefer a white guy last name and a french first name, like, say... Jacque Robinson? This guy kind of looks like JR to be honest.

Here's his hudl:


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