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Pray for Stanford

creepycougcreepycoug Member Posts: 22,734
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Our esteemed colleagues and friends at Stanford are having a hard time these days. Normally, a group of people self-described as being too focused on the next start-up to be all that concerned about geo-political matters (leave that to the Berkeley kids), the campus of the Tree is as embroiled in Pro-Palestinian Jew hating as any campus in the country.

Only when the spineless interim Prez saw what happened to his friends at Penn and Harvard did Furd come out and say, "yeah, calls for genocide are not ok."

The real story at Stanford is not about the malicious actors who endorse sexual assault and murder as forms of resistance, but about those who passively enable them because they believe their side can do no wrong. You don’t have to understand what you’re arguing for in order to argue for it. You don’t have to be able to name the river or the sea under discussion to chant “From the river to the sea.” This kind of obliviousness explains how one of my friends, a gay activist, can justify Hamas’s actions, even though it would have the two of us—an outspoken queer person and a Jewish reporter—killed in a heartbeat. A similar mentality can exist on the other side: I have heard students insist on the absolute righteousness of Israel yet seem uninterested in learning anything about what life is like in Gaza.

This is a great piece, and is eye opening.

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