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Huskies in the Super Bowl

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Washington Huskies Players on Super Bowl Rosters
Super Bowl II, 1968
Oakland: Ben Davidson (L)
Super Bowl III, 1969
New York Jets: Steve Thompson (W)
Super Bowl VII, 1973
Washington: Jeff Jordan (L)
Super Bowl IX, 1975
Pittsburgh: Ray Mansfield (W)
Super Bowl X, 1976
Pittsburgh: Ray Mansfield (W)
Super Bowl XIII, 1979
Pittsburgh: Ray Pinney (W)
Super Bowl XV, 1981
Oakland: Dave Browning, Dave Pear (W)
Super Bowl XVI, 1982
Cincinnati: Blair Bush (L)
Super Bowl XVII, 1983
Miami: Jeff Toews (L)
Super Bowl XVIII, 1984
Los Angeles Raiders: Tony Caldwell (W)
Super Bowl XIX, 1985
Miami: Jeff Toews (L)
Super Bowl XX, 1986
New England: Rich Camarillo (L)
Super Bowl XXII, 1988
Washington: Anthony Allen (W)
Super Bowl XXIII, 1989
San Francisco: Ron Hadley (W)
Cincinnati: Ray Horton, Joe Kelly (L)
Super Bowl XXIV, 1990
Denver: Ron Holmes (L)
Super Bowl XXVI, 1992
Buffalo: Reggie Rogers (L)
Super Bowl XXVII, 1993
Dallas: Kevin Gogan, Ray Horton (W)
Super Bowl XXVIII, 1994
Dallas: Kevin Gogan (W)
Super Bowl XXIX, 1995
San Francisco: Dennis Brown, Dana Hall (W)
Super Bowl XXX, 1996
Dallas: Eric Bjornson (W)
Pittsburgh: Mark Bruener (L)
Super Bowl XXXI, 1997
New England: Lawyer Milloy (L)
Super Bowl XXXII, 1998
Denver: Brian Habib, Harald Hasselbach, David Richie (W)
Super Bowl XXXIII, 1999
Denver: Harald Hasselbach (W)
Atlanta: Chris Chandler (L)
Super Bowl XXXIV, 2000
St. Louis Rams: Ernie Conwell, D'Marco Farr (W)
Tennessee: Benji Olson (L)
Super Bowl XXXVI, 2002
New England: Hakim Akbar, Fred Coleman, Damon Huard, Lawyer Milloy (W)
St. Louis Rams: Ernie Conwell, Frank Garcia (L)
Super Bowl XXXVII, 2003
Oakland: Jeremy Brigham, Lincoln Kennedy, Marques Tuiasosopo (L)
Super Bowl XXXVIII, 2004
New England: Damon Huard (W)
Carolina: Lester Towns (L)
Super Bowl XXXIX, 2005
New England: Corey Dillon, Omare Lowe (W)
Super Bowl XL, 2006
Seattle: Jerramy Stevens (L)
Super Bowl XLI, 2007
Chicago: Tank Johnson, Olin Kreutz (L)
Super Bowl XXLII, 2009
Pittsburgh: Roy Lewis (W)
Super Bowl XLIV, 2010
New Orleans: Mark Brunell (W)
Super Bowl XLVII, 2013
San Francisco: Dashon Goldson (L)
Super Bowl XLVIII, 2014
Seattle: Jermaine Kearse (W)
Super Bowl XLIV, 2015
Seattle: Jermaine Kearse (L)
Super Bowl 50, 2016
Carolina: Shaq Thompson (L)
Super Bowl LI, 2017
Atlanta: Dashon Goldson, Joshua Perkins, Desmond Trufant (L)
Super Bowl LII, 2018
Philadelphia: Sidney Jones, Elijah Qualls (W)
Super Bowl LIII, 2019
New England: Danny Shelton (W)
Los Angeles Rams: Cory Littleton, Marcus Peters  (L)
Super Bowl LIV, 2020
San Francisco: Dante Pettis (L)
Super Bowl LV, 2021
Tampa Bay: Jaydon Mickens, Vita Vea (W)

Super Bowl LVI, 2022
Los Angeles Rams: Greg Gaines, Taylor Rapp, Coleman Shelton (W)
Cincinnati: Drew Sample (L)

Super Bowl LVII, 2023
Kansas City: Trent McDuffie (W)


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