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Chincredible or Fancy Feast? We report, you decide.

DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Administrator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 59,917
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The Fire Marshall contacted me and said he doesn't like seeing so many posters suffering miserable and pathetic lives, agitated by the whole Chincredible Crisis of '24. So he said he'd be willing to put it to a vote, of which he's 99% sure what will transpire.

The voting will close on Friday midnight Pacific time.

Chincredible or Fancy Feast? We report, you decide. 62 votes

DerekJohnsonMelloDawgCFetters_Nacho_LoverRaceBannonHouhuskyMad_Sondtd79smoothdawgLawDawg1UWhuskytskeetdncTheHBcreepycougbiak1AEBPurpleThrobberDooglesBob_CwhatshouldicareaboutJaWarrenJaHooker 43 votes
Fancy Feast
Fire_Marshall_BillwhlinderPostGameOrangeSlicesbananasnblondeschuckEsophagealFecesPitchfork51Ice_HolmvikCallMeBigErnBleachedAnusDawgUW_Doog_BotMaceothecatflatusDucksFC 14 votes
PurpleBazehaiebrentshuskyhooliganLebamDawg 5 votes


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