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Cristobal to Miami confirmed



  • YellowSnowYellowSnow Posts: 22,003
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    Big time Miami boosters are livid after last night

    Joking aside, Manny hasn't done the thing that is absolutlely killing them: O line. It's also the thing Cristobal is pretty damn good at. This is his second year, and he lost to a juggernaut on the road. But that d line and the backers were in the backfield on every single offensive snap. Miami's O line was lost.

    You can't play with the Clemsons and Bamas and on-year LSUs w/o a stout O line. You have to be able to run and give your QB more than .7 of a second to make a play.

    If Manny can't get O linemen in this class and get what he has to play better than last night, his time is very short, and if that's the case, the Miami boosters will want someone like Mario to come in and field a real Miami team. And real Miami teams can run the ball.

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