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Microsoft wtf are you doing with Tik Tok?



  • godawgstgodawgst Posts: 1,375
    Swaye's Wigwam 1,500 Up Votes 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary

    godawgst said:

    How is tik-tok Oracle's competition?

    Monetizing 30 second videos of alvin and the chipmunks voice overs of peoples pets, kids and cursing each other out would be very tough to monetize I would think.

    You serious Clark? The advertisement money is huge. If you ever go on TikTok, like every 20 videos is an ad for a big company.

    I’m no expert, but they use a person’s data to target them for certain ads. It’s probably the best way available to market to kids under 21.

    It’s a projection, but TikTok is supposedly going to go from 1 billion in revenue to 6 billion next year. The only real danger is something new comes along and TikTok becomes obsolete.
    Aren't these the same ads that 99.5% of people especially kids under 21 who don't have to wait for anything on the computer can skip thru in 3 seconds and don't watch?

    Do completey agree that their biggest worry is that they end up being the flavor of the month.
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