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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. If you dare criticize Jimmy Lake, you won't last long.

2019 schedule difficulty. Which games will be the toughest?

Eastern Washington - 90% chance of victory. Will be fun to watch the young pups at DB/LB earn their stripes against one of the better subdivision teams.

California - 75%. Maybe Cal is TOO HIGH but I think their defense should only get better. If Eason sucks and they linger around into the 4th again.

Hawaii - 95%. 2nd half we all masturbate copiously to the 2019 recruits.

@ BYU - 84%. Because fuck the 1984 BYU team. And fuck Mormons. Should be a romp.

USC - 69% (lol) -Should be an amazing atmosphere at Husky Stadium. This is when the young core on D really comes together and passes their first major test. Air raid against Jimmy Lake? lolz. Eason Heisman train choo choo

@ Stanford 50% - Easily hardest game on the schedule. We haven’t won on the farm since Locker freshman season of 2007. And it hasn’t even been that competitive. We’ll also be coming off an emotional USC game. Timing makes me nervous here.

@ Arizona - 70%. The curse is ended, but coming off consecutive big games and looking ahead to Oregon next week...the majority of my life has suffered horrifying trauma at these exact types of games and locations. I don’t feel great about this one at all.

Oregon - 74%. It’s at home but it’s the tail end of a somewhat tough stretch. Pete better not lose this fucking game.

BYE - 19%. It’s tough to defeat a team twice in one season.

Utah - 75%. Britain Covey memorial reunion game. It will be way closer than it should be but we pull out the W win in dramatic fashion again.

@ Oregon State - 93% Trail of Babushka Tears.

@ Colorado - 85%. Not sure what Colorado is really going to look like yet.

WSU - 100%. lol

I wish the BYE came sooner, but if things broke right (Eason actually being great, young D gelling early) things kind of line up for us to be the second ever P13 team to run the regular season gauntlet undefeated (Oregon 2010). I’ll say 10-2 with a loss on the farm and....maybe Arizona or something stupid like that.


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