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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. If you dare criticize Jimmy Lake, you won't last long.

Marjon Beauchamp



  • FreeChavezFreeChavez Posts: 3,090
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    I stand by my comments.

    He's not up to the level of a 5-star prospect.

    He's gotta put on 20 lbs of muscle or he's gonna get bullied. Better athletes already bully him at the HS level... watch the highlights when they played the team from Temecula... where was he? He looked like shit compared to the stars on that team.

    Playing alongside the best talent the state has to offer by transferring high schools 4 different times masks a lot of his deficiencies.

    He's an OK basketball player due for a major wake-up call at the next level.

    It would suck if he was so bad he had to stay 2-3 years.
    I'd much rather have players who are ready to make an immediate impact... the Nowell types. Raequan Battle is a better player than Beuachamp right now in my opinion. He's an elite athlete with a CJ Wilcox level stroke. He'll get on the floor and contribute right away. I'm not saying Beauchamp can't be a good player, I just don't think his 5-star designation is accurate.

    If he were a 4 star I'd be much less critical. A 5-star kid I expect to come in and average 20 off the rip and start for the Dawgs. He won't... and a kid who has transferred 14 times? I wonder how not seeing the floor will go... can you say pout.

    I was actually pissed we didn't get CJ Elleby... I think he's a better college prospect than Beauchamp... and fits our system a lot better.

    You know who will a freaking stud the second he steps on the floor? Isaiah Stewart... he's elite talent.
    This may be your first week over here, but at least do some research about how unlikely it is that freshman make major impacts on their team. There are a handful(like 10) in the nation who make major impacts as freshman. The majority of guys that are drafted in the lottery weren't unreal college players, they are still being drafted on potential not stats. It's rare for freshman to come in and be absolute studs.

    The idea is that you bring in as much talent as you can and hope one of them surprises you, or can be a great role player and develop over the course of the year. If you're going to hold out for all the top end 5* that will make a difference you need to take up rooting for Duke, UK, etc. UW will never be successful trolling for those players. UW needs to model itself after the Michigan states, syracuse(years ago), or even dare i say it, Gonzaga. They will have top end talent here and there, but the majority of their guys are good solid players who will be around for a few years.
  • DomicilloDomicillo Posts: 2,315
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    Fucking kids. So demanding these days.
  • theknowledgetheknowledge Posts: 1,031
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    There is a wide variety of levels within the '5* rating' not all of those are the one and done types who are out of this world and way above any of the competition. Beauchamp is not at that level. What he is, is someone that fills up the stat sheet, all around player, he'll be a 2-3 year guy, and biggest of all he is from our backyard.

    Preach on. I don't know elite talent from talent but if your assessment is correct, then the players of this level are how you build a sustainable program in college basketball today. Villanova and Michigan, maybe UNC seem to be the best at collecting bankable talent and getting them to stay for 3-4 years and make runs to the final four without lottery level kids. Virginia wins a ton but hasn't broke through the glass ceiling yet. That is the only recipe for UW to succeed. We are not and will not ever be Duke or Kentucky. That doesn't mean that we can't be fucking good. Pay Hopkins, NOW!
  • huskyhooliganhuskyhooligan Posts: 1,071
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    I agree in that he isn't a 5* but is a damn good 4*. He still has a year of physical maturing before he enrolls anywhere. Some people forget that Zach Lavine, couldn't dunk as a sophomore. BTW I think Zach Lavine was the better player, and he was a 4*. Saw MarJon tonight at game, and has legit height. I'd love it if he goes back home to Yakima next year and plays for Davis.
  • DomicilloDomicillo Posts: 2,315
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    JT Tuimoloau was also present at the game

    Thought he was at the FSP thing last night...
  • RDRRDR Posts: 479
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    RDR said:
    Listen man... I don't want to be an asshole. But if there ever was an overrated 5-star it's Marjon Beauchamp. He's not as good as his designation. He has length, so I can imagine why the Dawgs are interested... but as an overall prospect? Meh... he's not that athletic, his ball handling is OK but he's not a point guard. Strength? What strength? His shot is average... the rotation ain't great. I just don't see what he does *really* well...

    This is what happened. He played with MPJ at Nathan Hale and it got him exposure... he hasn't lived up to his designation as a 5-star that was given to him as a freshman... yet for some odd reason they keep him there.

    He's a 4-star at best and I'd argue borderline 3-star given what I've seen from him. I would not be sad in the least if he's not a Husky.

    PJ Fuller is a much better player than this kid... I'm actually sad that he's not gonna be a Dawg.
    @BroadcastingDawg true?
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