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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

The Great Chincredible Failure 2018: Derek's Reaction

SwayeSwaye Posts: 35,507
Swaye's Wigwam Solar Eclipse Donator 10,000 Up Votes 10,000 Awesomes
edited October 2018 in Classics
So yes, this is a link, but it might be worth your time to click the link and not be a lazy fuck. It took me about 20 minutes to make it, so the least you can do is click a link you bastards.

Before anyone asks, I got some of our crack team of HH techny nerds on this today to try to figure out a way to embed it like a Youtube video, but it appears the clever fucks at caption generator like making life shitty, that or our crack team is more like a methed out team. If any of you other smart fucks can figure it out, please embed it, and I will add your magic to the OP. TIA though I doubt any of you figure it out because our best and brightest already failed. Enjoy, fags. Or don't.

edit: This is Safe For Work. lulz. People were asking me if it was citrus. Damn you Boobs! Seriously fags, it is safe to open. Just don't have your volume turned up to 11.


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