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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

PM to our new friend Ruth Robbins

I would have tucked into a stall of the only bathroom open on the north side with a Ruth then, placed her hands on the wall and dumped a doozie on the small of her back anyday. She can look good one day and damn awful the next. But fact is, a rear propped up nice and extended, back arched, can suffice on a good percentage of women. Must have meat on the bone though. A boney chick looks like a stick-figure propped in said position.

Ruth wasnt fat at all, just homely. When she had her hair up in a clip or band, with her school teacher glasses she was downright sunday-morrning sexy (you know, that morning in bed after a late-night of partying very hard; when you're at your horniest...and dirtiest;) sorry baabs, J, youve nevert been in bed with a woman on a sunday morning after being out till 5 me its killer smut and the BEST squirt of the week. See, your coke hangover hasn't set in yet. The rest of the day, after the dumpin, get her sore ass to the freezer for the Stoli, pickled asparagus for a triple bloody Mary as pain is on the horizon. Don't worry though, by next weekend you'll be as good as new


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