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Make fuckins free and unhinged again, like in 60's 70's. Solver all problems . That, or men should play hard to get fer a change. Bitches love the poundins just like men. Get em ugly drunk, feed them a little coke crystal
till their clitty is good and numb, hold out and see the rape culture turn on a dime. Video taper it all for the provost to yerk to while saving your own hide. Id video every fuckins on campus these days for protection. I'd love to see the title ix lezzies get a picture of just how slutty their precious little helpless freshmen ho's really are.

At least men are now using the consitution to protect themselves from Obama's rediculous letter. Can't figure why it took 3 years for college kids to nut up. Wish i was in college. I'd have tasty settlements from at least 3 seperate universities. How long will you metro millennial faggots let women and universities take advantage of yous?

I'd also wear Trump apparel to every class, a few 'white and proud" t's for good measure.
Pup would collect a few settlements for professor prejudice discrimination in a few liberal arts electives too. You pussies are leaving a gold mine behind...and just too dumb and chickenshit to realize it.


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