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Nobody has been more critical of Browning than Pump...

..over last 3 years. He's worse than Paus. He WILL NOT start next year for entire season. Weapons or not...he is just as awful as Pup said he was 2 years ago when i said he peaked, would not get any better.

No leadership, no arm, sissy feet, only takes safe 5yd curl with clean pocket and WR's and TE streaking open. Been that way all year. He's done as UW starter after Auburn thrashing. Pete has had enough. Granted no weapons on offense, but he's done zilch to will this team to a 1st down.

We all know i called McSorley the best qb in August. If he was our qb and browning was penn states, We'd be pac champs or better, and winners tonight. He is just fucking awful.


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