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PM to 89 Ute

Being old as dirt I actually respect the history of the Utah football program and understand why you are proud of it. I didn't even realize that the series record was so lopsided until the broadcast this year.

Quite honestly if Utah had played UW from 2004-2011 Utah would have beaten us? like a drum most years. Its all timing. I remember a Utah win in a Freedom Bowl that got a USC coach fired. Two BCS bowl wins this century. Many conference titles over the years. Utah is SERIOUS about football. I like the old WAC back in the day.

I'm just sorry to see most of it in the PAC 12 today. I kid. No I don't. Anyway Utah owns BYU which is nice and along with ASU represents western football non Pacific Coast division very well over the years.

And we better never lose to you again. Hugs and kisses booftimer


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