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Commitments and Visits in the Petersen Era (2014-2017 data)

backthepackbackthepack Posts: 6,160
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I was curious about how our closing ability in the Petersen era (Visits correlated with commitments). What I found was very interesting. I used the 247 and rivals database to see who visited us and who committed. I did not account for already committed players so it may skew the data a little but still.

2017: 19/27 players who visited signed
2016: 20/30 players who visited signed
2015: 24/36 players who visited signed
2014: 23/30 players who visited signed**

86/123 total players who visited signed

70% of players who vistied signed!!

** Did not account for players who visited before december because Sark was the coach.

It's probably meaningless but still it's a pretty high conversion rate.


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