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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. If you dare criticize Jimmy Lake, you won't last long.

Thoughts on the Gayme

Wow, exciting night of football. I wouldn't know of course because I was at a bonfire party that made me think I was an extra on the set of Beyond Thunderdome. Six kegs, couple hundred people, barnyard animals all over, and a shitty metal cover band. All in the middle of nowhere Virginia. I didn't even have phone reception to check the scores, which is probably just as good. Let me concentrate on drinking and fucking.


I did one find one lovely young woman who was really prim and proper, until I got four beers down her and fucked her in a barn stall. A horse kept staring at me with beady little eyes, like he was judging my performance. I also got some hay stuck in my ass, which is actually more fun than it sounds.


I really can't show more than that. This barnyard party went pretty Caligula after nightfall.


Not much else to tell with that story. She had a great ass. I have no idea why there is a guy wearing a traffic cone there. Things got a little out of hand. I think her name was Ellie, or Elsie, or something. Anyway she threw up like an hour after I fucked her, which I didn't take as a sign of my sexual prowess because it had been long enough in between the deed and the projectile vomiting. I thought about holding her hair, but then remembered I'm not gay.

The only thing I regret about last night is not seeing Brownsocks lay the wood on some fucker. If @Grundlestiltzkin would be so kind I would appreciate that shit in .gif form.

Oh yeah, the game thread (parts I have read) were great, so good job losers. I thought of you all during the post coitus phase of barn fucking when I heard a guy fall off a shed beside the barn and go ballistic while drunk. Not kidding.

Last thought. It appears they looked like shit, but scorebored baby. A road win is a win. Fuck it. I wonder if I should tell spirit fingers I assaulted a vulva last night? Not sure what will happen.




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