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French leftists win most seats in elections, pollsters say

EverettChrisEverettChris Member Posts: 2,669
edited July 7 in Tug Tavern

The Global Left rioted and threatened the electorate for the last week, and in true French fashion the voters surrendered.

“Oui oui Pierre, Macron sucks so let’s go even further Left or these rioters might come for us!”

PARIS (AP) — A coalition on the left that came together unexpectedly ahead of France’s snap elections won the most parliamentary seats in the vote, according to polling projections Sunday. The surprise projections put President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance in second and the far right in third. 

The lack of majority for any single alliance plunged France into political and economic turmoil. Final results are not expected until late Sunday or early Monday in the highly volatile snap election, which was called just four weeks ago in a huge gamble for Macron. 

The deeply unpopular president lost control of parliament, according to the projections. Marine Le Pen’s far right drastically increased the number of seats it holds in parliament but fell far short of expectations.



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