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More Woke sportswriter beef with Joey

JoeEDangerouslyJoeEDangerously Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 6,320 Founders Club
edited May 1 in Hardcore Husky Board

Pre 2024 draft: Do we have to pigeon hole a black QB as mobile? Can’t they be a pocket passer? Aren’t fans and GM’s being culturally biased?

2024 Draft regarding Penix: He isn’t mobile enough

Pre 2024 draft: Kirk Cousins is just another example of white privilege in QB’s with all of his guaranteed money and franchise tags. Falcons overpaid for a slightly above average QB. He can’t even win the big games.

Falcons draft Penix in the first round: What about Cousin?! Aren’t his feelings hurt?!

Racist dicks without knowing it.

Wanted to vent on the pod but got sidetracked



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