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Should Pete and John be fired

Fire_Marshall_BillFire_Marshall_Bill Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 23,089 Founders Club
No Janet Reno option, not sorry

Should Pete and John be fired 9 votes

Yes, both
whlinderPurpleBazeBleachedAnusDawgJoeEDangerously 4 votes
Fire Pete, Keep Schneider
BennyBeaver 1 vote
Fire Schneider, Keep Pete
biak1phineas 2 votes
Keep both
DerekJohnsonYouKnowIt 2 votes


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    JoeEDangerouslyJoeEDangerously Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 6,338 Founders Club
    Yes, both
    I’m burned out. Can’t win games by more than one score. Draft offensive weapons and then can’t use them well. Invest a lot of draft capita into OL, and they don’t pan out. Yes they do more than most teams shockingly. Trying to recreate a generational defense ten years later just based on body types. And lastly, JAMAL ADAMS, JAMAL ADAMS AND JAMAL ADAMS shit show.
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    biak1biak1 Member Posts: 4,001
    Fire Schneider, Keep Pete
    Pete can still coach. Schneider has missed on so many picks and the trades haven’t panned out.
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