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this bored was supposed to be for the people that understood winning. now we’re 11-0 and half of you are still miserable (NTTAWWT). just interesting to see a lot of FAKE winners out here that talk a big game but can’t see it when it’s in front of them. SAD.

race gets it


  • AtomicDawgAtomicDawg Member Posts: 6,471
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    Until we? win a another championship, thus establishing a new college football dynasty, I will never be completely satisfied.

    ATBS, I’ve really enjoyed this season.

    After the 92 Rose Bowl I turned to my wife and said

    That's it. James gets a lifetime pass. No more wanting to fire him. I'm good
  • LoneStarDawgLoneStarDawg Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 12,634
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    I want to Doog, but this defense isn’t good enough to win a championship. It’s good enough to beat Oregon again, but we aren’t beating Georgia or Bama. Maybe if Penix puts up video game numbers on their defense by some miracle, but that would mean Grubb didn’t fuck up by getting cute for no reason or just going full retard. I’m not holding my breath.

    My first memory of husky football was the 1992 Rose Bowl. I’m ruined for life. This season has been fun, but I think this is going to be a season that I enjoy much more looking back than I do in the midst of it. Although I enjoyed beating Oregon and USC immensely.

    I don’t know, maybe we are some kind of retarded team of destiny. Maybe not. Either way, it will be interesting.

    Sounds like we need some new HCH merch
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