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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Pup lives!

Yes, it's true. REAL God gave me a vision during a dream last night and assured me that all is well with @puppylove_sugarsteel.

A letter from Pup was sent to me, via Derek, and delivered during a gathering of some of Hardcore Husky's best and brightest. Pup explained that he has been tending to some family issues of late due to his daughter driving drunk and crashing her car, which resulted in her untimely death. Very sad, and we are sorry for your loss, Pup. T's and P's.

Included in the envelope was a set of photos which provided proof of his existence, as well as a few select extras of some hot blonde hanging with Pup to prove once again that his flowing blonde locks and '71 VW van pull the finest women in all the land. Very happy for you, Pup

Perhaps the most important detail to share is that on the letter was a return address...and it wasn't in Maltby. If you'd like to know where Pup lives please send me a PM and $10.95. I have a feeling that subscriptions are about to reach an all-time high here at Hardcore Husky.

***This is a real series of events and confirms that I truly do lead a miserable and pathetic life.


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