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Horace "Bru" McCoy, 2019 5* OLB/WR, Santa Ana (Mater Dei), CA (Offered)



  • GaryFromTeenMomGaryFromTeenMom Posts: 404
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    edited June 25
    dnc said:

    Missed this in this mornings hard hitting recruiting blog

    Eklund says that if UW can obtain his commitment (LMAO, yeah fucking right) then he wouldn't erase the possibility of him being a WR at UW.


    Commit watch list?
    Not quite. This weeks update basically tells us that it's June and not to jump off the ship canal bridge. He says his sources are now telling him that they may just take Taj Davis at WR and that's all for this class if they don't get Ngata (they aren't).

    In terms of actual names you should watch out for.....not a fucking one. Zero names. However, all of the nerds that poast on that site are thanking Scott and the boys for all their hard work (again, ZERO names...ZERO actual news).
  • I had thought about that. Ruth bends the doogman boys over and spanks their asses raw on what seems like a daily basis. She has everything first and even when Scott or one of those other dorks post a "trip report" it almost includes quotes verbatim from her story lol.
  • DomicilloDomicillo Posts: 33
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    If you follow this bored, you will know more about recruiting than anyone.

    Ruth is massively overly optimistic, but at least she talks to kids and has actual news. If I were going to give anyone money, it would easily be Roof.

    I prefer to use the 1-10 scale to adjust Ruth’s level of optimism into reality
  • Pretty sure you mean "1-15 trip visit" scale ;)
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