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Horace "Bru" McCoy, 2019 5* OLB/WR, Santa Ana (Mater Dei), CA (LOL)



  • I had thought about that. Ruth bends the doogman boys over and spanks their asses raw on what seems like a daily basis. She has everything first and even when Scott or one of those other dorks post a "trip report" it almost includes quotes verbatim from her story lol.
  • DomicilloDomicillo Posts: 223
    Swaye's Wigwam 250 Up Votes 250 Awesomes 100 Comments

    If you follow this bored, you will know more about recruiting than anyone.

    Ruth is massively overly optimistic, but at least she talks to kids and has actual news. If I were going to give anyone money, it would easily be Roof.

    I prefer to use the 1-10 scale to adjust Ruth’s level of optimism into reality
  • Pretty sure you mean "1-15 trip visit" scale ;)
  • GrundleStiltzkinGrundleStiltzkin Posts: 29,098
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    ¿Da fuq? Thought he long gone to SC
  • dncdnc Posts: 36,688
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    whuggy said:

    Fucking Ruth. Still selling hope. Perfectly timed right after Ngata loss. Sucker every minute.

    The scary thing is he's selling McCoy rather than "it's not over for Ngata".
  • UDubHusky23UDubHusky23 Posts: 373
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    Would be fucking hilarious if Lubick pulled this off

    (he won't, but still)

    Ruth has absolutely no fucking shame in trying to make a buck!!!

    Thanks to @GaryFromTeenMom for hooking it up with the articles tho!
  • PassionPassion Posts: 3,870
    250 Answers 2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Awesomes

    Ruth bends the doogman boys over and spanks their asses raw on what seems like a daily basis.

    Thanks for the visual.
  • Mosster47Mosster47 Posts: 5,599
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    RealRhino said:

    He really should play defense. We have no shot. He's going to USC.

    The portion of the linked article that was posted here was pretty misleading. He talked about how he loved every coach and the campus. He has a great relationship with Cristobal, Taggert, and he loved Chip.

    At the end, he says he will visit Texas, USC, And UW. This was the only somewhat useful information. The rest was just praising every school on his list. It's all a waste of time because he's not leaving LA.

    Which is just CRAZY to me. Go read the pre-draft player bio for ANY USC player in the last five years or so. Find ONE that talks about how well-coached and polished they are. Just one will do. I don't think you'll find even one that talks about how well coached up they are. It's all, "Tremendous athlete, but raw." "Great potential, good instinct, just needs to work on the fundamentals of the position." And Chip is a great offensive mind who can scheme the hell out of an offense, but does he actually develop offensive *players* other than QBs? De'Anthony Thomas was ELECTRIC, he went late 4th round. Chip never developed a good WR his whole time at Oregon; his best skill position success were TEs in the last 3rd round.

    I get it, the whole staying close to home thing is still a draw for guys, but this is your long-term future here. Is this really something you want to put in the hands of coaches that don't seem to get the most out of players on a consistent basis?
    Well, first Oregon's system under Chip valued blocking 100 times more than catching or route running so they got guys that fit that mold. Masoli, Thomas, and Mariota were throwing to WR's in single man coverage 90% of the time which doesn't require a very good WR to be successful. This isn't Paul Johnson's offense that requires one absolute fucking dude that gets the ball thrown to them 100% of the time in passing situations in double coverage with a bracket.

    Masoli is 5'9" and is the best QB in the CFL, Thomas didn't have the arm talent to stick in the Arena league, and Mariota won the Heisman, got picked in the top 5, and is a good NFL QB because he is an NFL QB.

    Your arguments are retarded. Chip had Fisher, Long, and Grassu who are still NFL starters on the line.

    DAT was only projected as a CB at the NFL level. He didn't want to play defense and despite that is still making money.
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