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Mad Son's Ramblings: Another 0-12 in the Making?

As Husky Nation recovers from last Saturday's plungering at Autzen, Mad Son tries to make sense of what the future holds.

Latest News
Mad Son's Ramblings: Another 0-12 in the Making?

As Husky Nation recovers from last Saturday's plungering at Autzen, Mad Son tries to make sense of what the future holds.

Why We Are Average and the Importance of Attrition

CokeGreaterThanPepsi analyzes attrition rates this week and makes a startling conclusion... Things were worse under Sark than we realized.

****FIGHTER ILLUSTRATED: Arizona State Preview Special Edition

Race Bannon returns to say that this Saturday night is a chance for Washington to do something great.

Jonathan Smith is becoming the fall guy, and that's not right

The harsh reality is that an infusion of skill position talent is desperately needed, writes Derek Johnson.

Hey Duck fans, ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

Ten years of pathetic losses have been painful. But with Chris Petersen at UW, the times will soon be changing, writes Derek Johnson.

We're playing Husky football - we're playing defense.

From Gil Dobie to Don James, Husky Defense has always been the hallmark of great UW teams. In this week's Ramblings, Mad Son suggests those days might be on the horizon.

Oregon Week and Cal Remembrance

CokeGreaterThanPepsi returns to give a breakdown of Washington's win over Cal, while looking ahead to Mighty Oregon.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Dawn of a New Decade?

Could the Huskies possibly put an end to a decade long miserable and pathetic drought against Oregon? Race Bannon is back to plumb the depths of this question.

A Visit with Hardcore Husky Cult Hero Ben Ossai

The former Dawg talks about his life since leaving Washington and how he's happy to see the Huskies on the ascent under Chris Petersen.

Sark will Sark; Plus Random Thoughts on a Wonderful Saturday of Football

CokeGreaterThanPepsi was as happy as a Razorback in slop last Saturday with so many great games taking place.


Following one of the most entertaining weekends in years, Race Bannon returns to give his take on the college football landscape.

Last Night wasn't the First Time Sark has lost to ASU on a Hail Mary

In Derek Johnson's Sunday Night Article, he explains how the pain Trojan fans feel is something Husky fans know all too well.

It’s time to take the training wheels off on offense

Just last week PostGameOrangeSlices became the 6th person ever to be banned from Hardcore Husky. And now he's contributing an article. What's the world coming to?  

From the Basement Recliner of the Sweatpants General:  No More Task Force Smiths

Back by popular demand, the Sweatpants General returns to give you grunts some cold hard truth, all from the comfort of the recliner in his mother's Lewis County basement.

The Good, The Bad, and The Future

CokeGreaterThanPepsi is back to give you knuckleheads some perspective and spare you from needing to take a walk on the beach to gain said perspective.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Blacked Out Special Edition

Race Bannon is back with an entertaining edition of DFI. Race is on a roll and in mid-season form. Of course, it is basically mid-season, but still.

Hey Sark, Thanks for this Premiere Stable of QBs you Developed Here

Derek Johnson assesses the woeful situation of Washington's quarterback position.

Bruins Lose Time of Possession Battle as UCLA Continues Implosion under Mora

Another day, another embarrassing performance by UCLA and coach Jim Mora.

Hear ye, Hear ye.  Petersen's start portents promise

Mad Son returns to give statistical comparisons between Chris Petersen and former Husky coaches, including The Dawgfather, to reach an optimistic conclusion.

The Season is now Upon Us

CokeGreaterThanPepsi is preparing for a Friday night soda bender, and makes a prediction for Saturday's game.

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