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Charles Mincy: "The Rose Bowl has been Hijacked"

Tradition as we know it has been stolen and may never return, writes former Husky Charles Mincy.

Latest News
Charles Mincy: "The Rose Bowl has been Hijacked"

Tradition as we know it has been stolen and may never return, writes former Husky Charles Mincy.

'84 Huskies wouldn't have made this year's College Football Playoff

Style points mean more than ever these days, in the inaugural College Football Playoff, writes Derek Johnson.

Is our late-season optimism warranted?

Are two wins over losing teams to close out the regular season giving Huksy fans a false sense of hope? 

Breaking Down the Mickens Touchdown Run

CokeGreaterThanPepsi is back to provide an interesting breakdown of a sequence from last Saturday's game.

Woodinville players and coaches share memories of the late Parker Moore

The former Woodinville Falcon is remembered for his strong leadership skills and ability to draw the best out of others.

Where did all the Mora and Jonathan Smith Bashers Go?

Just a month ago, Mora was a dunce and Smith was a moron. Now, both look pretty good and all we hear from the critics are crickets, writes Derek Johnson.

Charles Mincy: My Experience in Football, Part 2

Former Washington Husky Charles Mincy returns for Part 2 of his introduction to Hardcore Husky readers.

What Does the Wrong Coach Look Like?

Mad Son takes a closer look at penalties to see how they reflect on how good a coach can be

Big Picture Thinking

CokeGreaterThanPepsi has grown weary of dissecting the final two minutes of last Saturday's game. Let's view this thing from 30,000 feet, he writes in this week's article.


As the Peter Finch of Husky football, Race Bannon is mad as hell and can't take you people anymore.

Finding the silver lining in the desert debacle

After one of the most difficult losses in years, Derek Johnson extracts one positive from amid the rubble.

Dan Hawkins or Don James?  It's too early to tell

The disappointing season has the natives restless about the future, and Mad Son returns to give his take.

After UCLA: Inside the Mind of CokeGreaterThanPepsi

As a demoralized Husky Nation continues to reel after the UCLA game, CokeGreaterThanPepsi offers an inner glimpse into his sanctum sanctorum.

Charles Mincy: My Experience in Football, Part 1

The former Husky describes his time in Seattle and the unique blending of talents and personalities that made the Dawgs successful. 

Hardcore Husky teaming up with former Huskies Donald Jones and Charles Mincy

Their company Under the Radar will provide our readers with recruiting information and discussion.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Saturday Night Lights

The mercurial Race Bannon gives his thoughts in live time as various games play out upon the big screen TV.

Shaq at Running Back, and Winning Ugly

Instead of complaining about Shaq not playing defense, CokeGreaterThanPepsi urges everyone to appreciate getting to watch a truly special player play football.

Talking Husky Football with Kyle Benn

The former captain and Rose Bowl Champion gives his thoughts on Jonathan Smith, the offensive line, and the direction of the program.

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