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Did Sark Drop the Ball?

  Former Husky Tyrone Rogers posing with his son Na'Ty, in a South Carolina uniform.

Latest News
Did Sark Drop the Ball?

  Former Husky Tyrone Rogers posing with his son Na'Ty, in a South Carolina uniform.

Alek Kacmarcik: What’s in a name?

Woodinville's Alek Kacmarcik has a last name that PA announcers struggle to pronounce. The future Eastern Washington Eagle told some of the stories that have been sometimes comical.

Lincoln Kennedy: Manziel not Ready for NFL

The former Washington Husky discusses his belief why some NFL team will overpay for Manziel and make him into something he isn't.

Caesar Rayford's Relentless Fight to live NFL Dream

Caesar Rayford barely played during his Husky career and spent 5 grueling years in obscurity before getting a chance with the NFL's Dallas Cowboys. 

Talking Husky Football with Kyle Benn

The former Husky captain talks about his reaction to Sark's departure to USC, his pride over the offensive line and his optimism over new coach Chris Petersen. 

Carol James Reflects on Past Bowl Trips during Don James Era

The wife of the late UW coach shares a couple favorite memories from her years of Rose Bowl trips with the Dawgfather.

Duckfighter Illustrated: We're Back Special Edition

In a week that will be long remembered for the sheer shock value of things finally falling our way, Sark is gone and Petersen is in. 

Beno Bryant Wants to Help Bring the Huskies Back

The former Washington running back discusses his desire to see the Huskies return to elite golden times.

Mad Son's Ramblings: The War is Over (We Won)

Franchise Infidels - praise Allah!  The crusade against Husky football has been repelled! With Emperor Michael Young replacing Holy Roman Emperor Marcus Emmert I, Coach Petersen is the result of a holy war.

Mad Son's Ramblings: Post-OSU

While some Husky fans believe that the impressive win over lowly Oregon State signals some sort of sea change in Sark's career, Mad Son begs to differ in this week's Ramblings.

Duckfighter Illustrated: The War is Over Special Edition

An epic rout over the lowly Oregon State Beavers has brought an end to the war for the soul of Husky Football, writes Race Bannon in this dirge of an edition of Duckfighter Illustrated.

Holy Cow, Where did That Come From?

"A 69-27 in-your-face-a-disgrace stomping of Oregon State on Beaver turf and it wasn't nearly as close as the final score would indicate", writes Tailgater, who goes on to give his thoughts of the prolific performance and what it might all mean.

College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

Coming to you live from the Hardcore Husky home office in Newark, New Jersey, it's College Doog's Friday Football Forecast!

Keith Price should not be a Scapegoat for Sarkisian's Failures

Dawgman's Kim Grinolds and certain commentators from KJR have spent lots of energy denigrating Husky quarterback Keith Price this season. Doing so, to borrow a phrase from Mark Emmert, is "grossly inappropriate."

Mad Son's Ramblings: The Shortcomings of Sark

Mad Son gives some statistical analysis why Sark has failed to move the needle yet again in 2013. In his fifth year and led by a senior quarterback! It's time for Sark to go.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Jim L Mora Special Edition

In a manner similar to Wall Whitman's Deathbed Edition of Leaves of Grass, this very well might be the deathbed edition to Duckfighter Illustrated. As Woodward looks to spin it so people support bringing back Sark for a 6th year, who can blame Race for his apathy?   

College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

It's the Mora vs. Sark Bowl, and College Doog and his esteemed colleagues have cast their predictions.

Mad Son's Ramblings... UCLA WEEK

It's UCLA week, and Mad Son is back with his Ramblings. To his credit, he manages to only mention Myles Jack once in this article.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Myles Jack Special Edition

Look to the sky... Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Myles Jack, the superstar that Steve Sarkisian failed to recruit from nearby Bellevue High School. That and more, in this week's stellar edition of Duckfighter Illustrated.

College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

They're back again... The merry band of warriors/miscreants that forecast Husky football games. Does anybody foresee a subpar Colorado team stealing one from the Dawgs? Read on...

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