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The first signs of PurpleJ's return



  • DeepSeaZDeepSeaZ Posts: 3,867
    Butler Cabin Supporter 250 Answers 2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary

    haie said:

    J, nobody buys your shit anymore. Just hit the reset button an d start over, new handle, new avatar. Maybe I'll let you keep your post total. You and baabs brag at the water cooler every morning in the soup line, about your 5 year posting achievement and failed attempts at chinking pup's stainless armor.

    30 years old, 150 hours /week on HH, and nothing to show for it.
    At least Tommy has a life in the fay bars of capital hill outside his time at HH. Go discover life before its too late. Please J, I worry about you.

    LOL Tommy is a Twitter activist for 5$/hour.

    If we're gonna bash History majors I'm out.
    Stop living in the past!
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