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Pearls of Retardation


“If Rhyan, Ndoma-Ogar or Buelow wanted to commit, I wouldn't be surprised to see them take any one of those three as well.

**Also worth noting, there is at least one more big-time OL prospect who the Huskies are making in-roads with, but I have been asked to keep things on the down low for right now from someone close to his recruitment. Once things really start to heat up with him, I will be sure to let you know who it is, but it's a guy with a ton of offers and no one knows the Huskies are talking to him right now.”

Now THAT is worth $10.95/month!

I mean fuck you Eklund. Yeah, you really think if fucking good players want to commit Pete will let them? Fuck off.

And it wouldn’t be Doogman without the secret that can’t be shared that is never true. Fuck you.


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