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Apple Cup

haiehaie Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 20,902 Swaye's Wigwam

Appears to be a separate single game ticket that will not be part of your package.

I love the joke "Priority Access" to a massive fucking stadium that a bunch of cougs will boycott and will be $0.81 per seat on the secondary market.

I'm assuming that this complete fucking hassle of a setup was because we just had to have the game in Seattle but not give UW a second home game. Both sides will be half dressed in hawk gear too, which will make me want to throw up.

But UW has set this up so that season tickets barely make sense this year. Michigan and USC are the only value in the whole package unless beating UCLA who has decided to drop football matters to you. They really need to move college football along and only schedule opposite Power 2 conference teams for non-con going forward to keep up in value.



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