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Here's One Opinion on Where UW O-Line Lines Up Nationally



  • CFetters_Nacho_LoverCFetters_Nacho_Lover Moderator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 20,323
    Swaye's Wigwam 10,000 Up Votes 10,000 Awesomes Ninth Anniversary
    trublue said:

    Fuck Off, Fatters.

    People gonna say stupid crap, they’re gonna get called on it.

    9-1 vs. Warshington is not a “dark Duckade”.

    Sounds like you’re triggered. I’m sorry to hear that. Good luck the rest of the way.
  • GrundleStiltzkinGrundleStiltzkin Member Posts: 57,026
    50000 Comments 10,000 Up Votes 10,000 Awesomes Eighth Anniversary

    dannarc said:

    All Jimmy did was watch NFL film and implemented Tecmo Bowl playbook. Reasoning was he had a group of NFL sized lineman and a simple playbook executed to perfection would be unstoppable. He was 81 plays away from lining up and running counter after counter with a draw thrown in for good measure and a smug grin as he was beating Bama in the playoffs....

    Jimmy played with two down lineman and five DB’s at all times, so his dumbass thought the Stanford offense was what works best and was toughest to defend.

    Two TE’s and running power works when the TE’s are Dissly and Sample. Both of those guys are great blockers and are two of the best blocking TE’s in the NFL. Even with those two, our offense wasn’t great.

    Otton had a reputation for being a good blocker but he never was. Hunter Bryant couldn’t block for shit. I doubt Culp or any of the others are anything special as blockers.
    Pete’s offense was shitty but at least he spread the field a little bit.

    The number of plays JohnDon ran with all 11 on one side of the field, or in tight formations with 10 guys between the hashes was ridiculous. They were basically just playing in a phone booth.
    The best formation was with Dissly and Sample, Gaskin/Coleman at RB and Ross and Pettis at WR. It's called 12. We could run on everyone but Bama and Ross and Pettis were both very good college WR's. Ross was amazing in 2016.
    You like to call that personnel & formation grouping "12." That's what you like to do.
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