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"Trevor Lawrence sucks"

BleachedAnusDawgBleachedAnusDawg Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 10,474
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Quoting prognosticator @RoadDawg55, Trevor Lawrence sucks, as he knew he would.

Mostly starting this thread to not shit in the other one where I read this, but I thought it would make a good post on the NFL board where the six of us who read/post here could trade commentary.

I'm not writing Lawrence off yet because he had to endure the catastrophe that was Urban Meyer. Hiring Byron Leftwich seems like a natural fit given he played in Jax and has done a good job in Tompa Bay. Give Lawrence a year with him and I think he turns it around.

Also, FWIW:

Player A rookie season
  • 339/627 - 54.1% completions
  • 4,374 yards
  • 23 tds / 18 ints
Player B rookie season
  • 326/575 - 56.7% completions
  • 3,739 yards
  • 26 tds / 28 ints
Player C rookie season
  • 359/602 - 59.6% completions
  • 3,641 yards
  • 12 tds / 17 ints
Player A is Luck, Player B is Manning (the good one), Player C is Lawrence.


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