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Tokyo Summer Olympics



  • godawgstgodawgst Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 2,348
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    So I’ve read that she felt that she would give her team a better chance of winning and wouldn’t risk injury.

    Imagine being a nascar driver being like “no, just not feeling it today” at the Daytona. Imagine Russ getting ready for a Super Bowl and thinking “man, I’m the goat but my heads just not in it today.” Call it toxic masculinity, being sexist, or just being a heartless asshole. She pussied out on arguably one of the biggest stages ever. Name one fucking man that’s done that, other than rapp.

    Everyone is applauding her like she’s some kind of fucking hero, so courageous, and daring.

    Fuck her, fuck this DEI society we live in, and fuck you.

    I hope the US loses the medal count so the rest of the world can see what a bunch of throbbing vaginas we’ve? Become.

    I think the important countries (China/India/Russia) allready know that.
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