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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Military History YouTube Channels

Thought I'd put together a list of some channels I've come across on the series of tubes, mostly military history. Like BNP's posts, some are better than others.
  1. I’m a fan of Professor Mark Felton's stuff. Puts out a couple 10-20 minute videos each week, typically on lesser known WW2 topics. He has a second channel that goes more in-depth on a slightly wider variety of topics here:
  2. Historiagraph does a solid job of helping with visualizations of theatres/operations/battles, including a good chunk of naval combat. Not a lot of videos though.
  3. This one is a little more bubble gum, History Buffs. Most of his videos are reviews of different media for historical accuracy. He's covered Rome, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Dunkirk, and others.
  4. I'm a fan of this channel and I've followed Invicta since he was covering the Total War series (vidya). His production quality has really ramped up and he puts together a really good watch, mostly focused on the classical era but some medieval stuff, too. Race was there (and crossed the Rubicon). They aren't (can't be) perfectly accurate but the historical episodes of the Massive Battles series are enjoyable.
  5. Kings and Generals is probably the most consistent channel in terms of chugging new videos out. They basically cover all eras across the globe, so something for everyone. There's a recent video on Tecumseh, @Swaye can consult with the elders and confirm accuracy.
  6. Lindybeige is a channel I don't even remember how I came across. It's a quintessential British guy so it's a bit weird, but he's a history nut with a flair for the dramatic. A wide assortment of topics covered.
  7. Ever get into a discussion with your drunk uncle about what would've happened if Hitler released the Panzers on D-Day? Military History Visualized shows you the data with primary and secondary sources to show you if your uncle is full of shit or not. The guy who runs the channel is Austrian -- there really is no substitute for the German language as spoken by a native. Mostly WW2 stuff but some Napoleonic era.
  8. The Operations Room is a newer channel I've stumbled across. Some battles of the air covered, but not a lot of content yet. From WW2 to present day covered.
  9. And like the one above, The Front is another newer channel I've found. Solely focused on WW2, I believe.
If you only have time to check out a few, I recommend Mark Felton and Military History Visualized as top-tier.
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