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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.


  • haiehaie Posts: 9,089
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    edited November 19
    No one can say that the Pac 12 is irrelevant or that no one gives a shit about it when everyone is constantly losing their minds over how shitty and complacent our AD and Commissioner is, including fans from other p5 conferences.
  • What would actually stop UW or any other school in the conference from scheduling a non-con if their schedule allows it? In a normal year do we? have to get the P12's blessing to schedule a Michigan game? Everyone passes the buck and claims they don't have permission because they don't want to do hard work.
  • Army could have moved 500,000 men to Seattle


    Not a fair comparison. Army wouldn't have to travel NEARLY 1200 miles to make that game happen! JBLM to Seattle is only a short bus ride. COME ON!
  • Ice_HolmvikIce_Holmvik Posts: 2,341
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    Houhusky said:

    EwaDawg said:

    dnc said:
    What pisses me off is that the Pac 12 is stuck in a time warp. Three weeks after EVERYONE (even Grandpa Sankey) can see what NEEDS to be done. . . . . . . . they just mumble and say..................uh. . . . . maybe you all were correct. . . . . . . . .

    The thing is we don't have three weeks to mull shit over. . . . . . . . . .j.......f......c.......!

    Larry Scott - pay attention to the rest of college football. They have experience this year actually playing football.
    Larry Scott and the Pac12 treats college football (and sports) as a cash cow that is more of convenient happenstance that they will milk until they retire or it dies. The more excuses on why you cant do something, the better.

    The REAL football/athletic programs understand they are entertainment enterprises that need to produce a product and figure out how to do it regardless of circumstance.

    Reminds me of government work vs private enterprise work mentality.
    This was my main complaint way back in 1993 as UW was bending over for the Pac 10 investigators and pleading guilty and apologizing at the start. Then all the we aren't a football school we are a research university

    It may shock many to know that I don't have a problem with that if that is what UW wants. What I did have a problem with and expressed to Babs was that I was still being charged full boat for my Tyee Purple and seats. Let's deemphasize the price as well and we are all good. That was the real beginning of the end for me even though it took until 2007 to kill me off for good
    I just listened to the halfbrain podcast that was recorded right after Emmert announced Ty was getting his 4th year. You rightfully said the same thing 13 years ago.
    I just listened to that pod this week as well.
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