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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Manny Diaz watch

Cane boosters won't accept a loss to this VA Tech team

Tick tick tick


  • Wish UW had boosters.
    Wish UW had boosters that didn't accept losses.
  • creepycougcreepycoug Posts: 16,732
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    edited November 17

    Cane boosters won't accept a loss to this VA Tech team

    Tick tick tick

    One thing I've noticed about the latest Rent-a-QB transfer: he has no deep ball. I think it's a combo of he can't sling it deep downfield without throwing as hard as he can, and he has no feel for the timing.

    But, he runs pretty well and he's somewhere between good and deadly accurate in the intermediate passing game, which is fine because Miami's WRs aren't great deep ball players and they have two future NFL tight ends.

    Still lots of holes on the roster. O - line recruiting has not be great, although the new line coach has done somewhat OK getting basically inexperienced 3 & 4* players up to something close to par (but certainly not ready for the likes of Clemson, and it showed). Spotty, inconsistent, roster. Always a handful of guys who will show up in the NFL and make you scratch your head. But never complete.

    And, the penalties. JFC. That's all coaching. Amari Carter, a future NFL safety, can't seem to get through a game without targeting. Hits like a truck, which you like, but at some point you have to ask yourself what his Wonderlic score is going to be.
  • rodmansragerodmansrage Posts: 3,010
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    miami quit being serious about football when they tore down the OB.

    i like to call it the 'OB' i like to do that.
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