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5K Post - EXCLUSIVE Interview with Doog_de_Jour

Doog_de_JourDoog_de_Jour Member Posts: 7,590
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Editor’s Note: In honor of the bored’s favorite gay man reaching 5,000 shitpoasts, Hardcore Husky sent ace reporter and not-so-technically gifted writer Ruth “Softy” Grinolds to talk with DDJ about her tim inside college football’s most wretched hive of scum and villainy.

HCH: Thank you for agreeing to sit down with us today. I must say, your château here in France is quite a step up from your Bellevue digs.
DDJ: Yes, I’m still in the process of renovating the main ballroom, but it’s home.

HCH: Five years and 5,000 posts, that’s quite an accomplishment.
DDJ: Not really. Any half-brain with a computer and a working internet connection in their mother’s basement can probably do it.

HCH: What first brought you to the site?
DDJ: I listened to the Husky Fan Podcast and the hosts kept mentioning Derek’s little hobby board, so I thought I’d check it out.
HCH: And what were your first impressions?
DDJ: I vaguely recall thinking, “what the fuck is wrong with these people?”
HCH: New bored motto?

HCH: So what made you STAY?
DDJ: I never was on Dawgman, and only occasionally read SB Nation’s UW Dwag Pound. The local press was all about the Seahawks. I was basically a woman without a fandom-country. I had enjoyed Derek’s books and decided to give the site a chance. I lurked around, got a feel for the place, reached out to this one guy who seemed to have the place dialed in. I guess you could say after I got my reads down, the place grew on me.

HCH: You’ve had your share of ups and downs on the site. You infamously lost an avatar bet in 2018, and then failed to advance to the Sweet Sixteen in the Circle Jerk Tournament. You then got wasted at The Season Is Over’s Rose Bowl tailgate and ended up spending the rest of New Year’s Day in a Pasadena jail. What do you think went wrong?
DDJ: Look, it’s hard. It’s a process. I just felt like in those situations I was playing with house money and decided to let it rip. Just wait until I get my guys in there. 2021 will be special.

HCH: Much has written in the gossip columns about your tumultuous love life. You’ve been romantically linked to most of the other posters’ wives. Care to comment?
DDJ: A lady never kiss and tells.

HCH: What about the ongoing court case against @Swaye? I see more security cameras installed around the estate.
DDJ: My attorney has advised me not to comment.

HCH: And what of Seattle Times sports columnist, Mike Vorel? Has he called?
DDJ: *Long pause*

DDJ: No.

HCH: Are you crying?
DDJ: No. I just have something in my eye.

HCH: Final question...
DDJ: Shower or fridge?
HCH: No. Something all our readers have asked...
DDJ:...sure.gif. Anything.
HCH: Will you finally show us your tits?
DDJ: Get out!

Thank you for reading and allowing me to be apart of this online train wreck.




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