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Time to make Hayward Field permanent home of the NCAA Division I Outdoor Championships

DJDuckDJDuck Posts: 4,674
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edited October 17 in Duck Refuge
“Omaha is the permanent home of NCAA Division I baseball’s College World Series.

The NCAA Division I softball Women’s College Worlds Series is a fixture in Oklahoma City.

Many have long felt Eugene should be the permanent location of the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships. I think that push will get stronger after the NCAA Outdoor Championships visit the reconstructed Hayward Field for the first time.“

“Hopefully that will be in June of 2021, although COVID-19 could have something to say about it.

In any case, the outdoor championships are slated for Eugene again in 2022.

There is nothing in the country to compare to Hayward Field following the privately makeover said to cost more than $200 million that turned it into one of the finest track-only stadiums in the world. The project was finished last spring.“


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