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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Huskies return to Montlake for (belated) fall camp wielding ‘eighth-grade mentality’



  • chuckchuck Posts: 4,375
    Standard Supporter 5,000 Awesomes 5,000 Up Votes Seventh Anniversary

    All I wanted to do in 8th grade was Jack off. Not sure how an 8th grade mentality is a positive.

    If that's what constitutes it then I've been unable to shake this mentality for some 35 or 36 years. Unfortunately I gave up football before I was aware what an advantage it gives. Where was this article when I needed it?
  • SwayeSwaye Posts: 34,528
    Swaye's Wigwam Solar Eclipse Donator 10,000 Up Votes 10,000 Awesomes

    The Beaver is a vicious animal

    For the last tim it's a capybara!
  • GreenRiverGatorzGreenRiverGatorz Posts: 5,774
    10,000 Awesomes 5,000 Up Votes 5000 Comments Sixth Anniversary
    edited October 16

    Tequilla said:

    And fuck you Ryan Bowman

    Yeah, fuck you, walk-on who's been unexpectedly really good his whole career...
    Really good?
    I think so, yeah. I know most here think you have to be some physical freak, future-NFLer to be good, but this is college ball and that attitude is FS. Bowman's always looked too short/stocky to play the position he plays, so it took a while for me to admit that the dude's just good at football and low key really athletic. He's never been a liability at his position, I can't recall him ever having a "bad game," and he's taken minutes from some awfully good dudes over the course of his career. Seemed typical Petersen OKG BS at first, but it was eventually hard to argue that he hadn't earned it. He's made a lot of really good plays in this system and very few bad ones. Tryon's off to the NFL, possibly in the early rounds, and I'm not sure I can say the same about him.

    They may not be huge freaks, have great NFL careers, or deserved to be early round draftees, but--at UW--Bowman has been really good. Nick Harris was really good. BBK was great. Gaskin was fucking amazing. Even Browning is underrated here. TBSing is fine, but that shit should be flushed the second they step foot on campus and judged by actual accomplishments on the field.
    You make a lot of good points, so I'm just going to ignore that second-to-late sentence. Bowman is light on natural talent and makes up for it with tuff liberal grit and probably a lot of dubiously sourced rhino cum. Every team needs a handful of those guys and I love every fucking one of them. Way more than an underwear Olympian like Tryon who shows up, has three good games for a completely forgettable team, and leaves as a potential day 1 pick.
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