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Blacks are being hunted down in America

SFGbobSFGbob Posts: 18,007
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The Alameda County district attorney’s office filed felony charges Monday against 60-year-old Berkeley resident Tony Walker in the June killing of 19-year-old Cal student Seth Smith.

Smith had been walking on Dwight Way in southwest Berkeley when someone approached him from behind and shot him at close range in the back of the head without warning or provocation, authorities have said.

And check-out the Stockholm syndrome from the victim's mother.

Rode-Smith said both she and her son were stalwart supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. So it had been difficult to see that an older Black man had been arrested for the crime, she said. Walker, she said, had likely suffered a lot in his life and must have “harbored so much anger about what’s happening in the world.”


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